It’s important to show viewers a video with below average quality or even the average level of quality many making enterprises give, you will have trouble focusing on the message. Without all of the elements of quality in your video, it will not accomplish the results you are looking for. On the flip side, when you do have good quality, viewers really don’t notice it. What you notice is the content of the show. You become absorbed in your message. When you watch TV or movies, do you think about the making quality? Many buyers don’t notice the elements of the show such as shooting, pace, camera work, lighting, sound, editing, music, etc. You experience the show and get the message. Also keep in mind that your video quality will reflect on the quality of your company, yourself and your message.

Even if you are in music video, corporate video, DVD or multimedia production, you now have the opportunity to compete with the larger companies with much higher overheads. This is great for freelancers and the market in general as productions can be completed at more competitive rates and the huge investment in both camera gear and edit suites doesn’t break the bank like it used to.

So if you have a particular audio file that you would like to use in your video (maybe a special effect or a voice over that you have recorded separately) simply add that file to the list of media to be included in the video. Other media formats can be separate video files, picture files or graphics.A public relations video must have good quality for stations to use it on air, and to draw the viewers attention. While paying a high price for your video is not a guarantee of quality, often the opposite is true. Usually the bargain that’s hard to pass up is what you should pass up. There is always someone out there who will charge you less.